How to apply for income certificate in Tamilnadu?


    Income certificate is essential in Tamilnadu, to get various beneficiary welfare schemes of government such as comprehensive health insurance, scholarships, for fee concession in school, colleges/ educational institutions etc.This certificate is issued by State Government of Tamilnadu.


    An individual person whose income is less than Rs.72,000/- per year can apply.

    Application Form

    Download  Income Certificate Application

    Download VAO, Thasildar Recommendation Letter

    After getting the application form you have to fill it with your name, father’s or husband’s name, gender (M/F) and need to give the reason that why you want this certificate and where you gonna use this. Before submitting you have to get a certificate from local VAO that your yearly income is less than Rs.72,000/-

    Local VAO will give you a recommendation letter to tahsildar that your income is less than the described value and you are eligible to obtain government welfare schemes.

    With the filled application and recommendation letter, you can submit it to Revenue Department. They will consider your application and process within 15 working days.

    Income Certificate Application

    Income Certificate Sample Application


    VAO, Thasildar Recommendation Letter


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