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First Marriage Certificate from VAO


For getting marriage certificate from register office we need a certificate from village administrator officer (VAO) that this the bridegroom or bride first marriage. In order to get this, you need the following list that is mentioned below.

Check List Needed:

    1. Passport Size Photo 2Nos.
    2. Marriage Invitation.
    3. Ration Card.
    4. Birth certificate.

Download Form In English

Download For Bridegroom Download For Bride

Download Form In Tamil

Download For Bridegroom Download For Bride


If font is not supported in the download. Click Here 

Sample Certificate

Once you complete collecting all your necessary documents. Fill the forms and submit it to VAO. It will take 1 or 2days to get your first marriage certificate.

First Marriage Certificate From VAO
Sample Date: First Marriage Certificate From VAO


  1. What is the procedure for getting First Marriage Certificate, if the Groom is having his Permanent address and is residing in Kerala. Who is the issuing authority in that state??

  2. Hi, is mandatory that the girl should get married to get this first marriage certificate?. My native is Chennai, we went to vao office to get this certificate and the voa signed the forms. Then we were asked to get the signature from RI. Now she says that she can’t sign in the forms now. She is asking us to get the signature after the marriage. We are going to get married in Dindigul and register our marriage there. We are so pissed off that RI shouted at us like a hell.

    Can somebody please help us?


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